Story of Fashion has had an amazing journey, from an initiative that has survived with many challenges. For 24 years.
We have seen the pride of our artists and their families, as well as our fans, pulling a book from the racks, at Chapters/Indigo. There is nothing like this reality of having our community included with much larger media titles.
Story of Fashion, is the only high end, photography centric, thick, heavy, 250 page 9.5"x13" book of it's kind published by a Canadian Publisher. Furthermore, the only one about Canadian Artists and Designers, and community.
 We celebrate, the excellence of handcraft and design. From handcrafted furniture, to foods, painting, jewellery to music, ceramics, wellness products, to sculpture and art.
To encourage a complete lifestyle with handcrafted pieces from our local community, and to instill a support system to buy from our makers for everyday.

Distributed at major newsstands nationwide by Magazines Canada. 

Distributed at all Chapters, Indigo, Whole Foods, Press Internationale, Book City, Great Canadian News Canada Wide.

Introducing our Upcoming Editions Releasing in approximately February 4rth quarter 2024. 2 Editions as companions.
Our first features Percussionist Mark Kelso, as our new Cover Story.
Photographed at the Jazz Bistro in Toronto, by Stephen Caissie.
in Press Now.
Please See Our Current Press, Proofing Video From Our Printer.
Below is a very important edition, that was delayed during Covid but published right after lockdown ended on March 2022... This edition may be reprinted in the future.
Starring violinist Lynn Kuo as our Cover, photographed at Joso's in Yorkville.
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